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Our mission is to serve the interests of our clients through candid dialogue, intelligent approaches, and informed decision-making.


Whether your matter involves litigation or not, we will work toward the resolution you want.


We offer candid advice and counsel in a variety of areas. 


We take a problem solving and wholistic approach to your legal concerns.

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Legal problems can be stressful and expensive. The last thing you need is a lawyer who doesn’t listen, solves little, or even makes your problems worse. We recognize every client approaches problems differently and we respect that. As the client you are the decision maker. Whether you want to “fire and forget” and let us take a problem away, or you want to actively partner in handling an issue, we will respect how you want a case handled.

Whoever you choose to represent you, remember what criteria you are selecting on. Your attorney should be a good fit for the challenge you are facing. The best way to make that decision is to talk to the lawyer you are considering hiring. Ask them questions. We have an office in downtown Olympia and have the ability to meet you in other parts of the Seattle metro area. Contact us to set up an appointment today.

We will evaluate your case at no cost to you.

Core Values


We will handle your matter with professionalism and care.


We are approachable, client-centered, responsive, and flexible.


We are accountable and transparent, standing ready to suport your decision-making.


We show empathy, looking at issues from multiple viewpoints.

Courage and Compassion

Practice Areas

Family Law

Full represenation or unbundled legal services.


Parenting Plans

Asset Division 

Support Orders

Other Matters

Pre-nuptial Agreements

Multi-State Parenting Disputes

Child Support Issues

Immigration and International Custody


Advocating on behalf of workers in all industries.

Discrimination and Harassment

Unlawful Hiring

Wrongful Termination

Workplace Mistreatment

Other Employment

Employment Based Visas

Contract Creation and Enforcement

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Wage and Hour Disputes

Custom Services

Custom legal help available in other areas.


Will Creation

Intellectual Property

Artist and Writer Rights

Consumer Law

Credit Reports and Collections Help

Warranty Claims

Unlawful Sales

Student Loans

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Mejia & Beverlin

Attorneys at Law

Matt Beverlin


Before entering private practice, Matt was a professor of political science. His major research and teaching emphasis was state and local public policy. He holds a PhD from the University of Kansas, and a JD from Gonzaga University School of Law. Matt has worked in private sector management, as well as for the state legislature and the federal judiciary. Originally from Kansas City, he is a passionate fan of KU basketball and barbecue.

E-MAIL:  matt@mejiabeverlinlaw.com
PHONE: 360.338.8997

Adrian Mejia


Adrian holds a JD from Gonzaga University School of Law. Originally from Mexico City, Adrian grew up in suburban Seattle. Before practicing law, he worked as a Washington State Certified Interpreter, engaged in administrative rule making, and nondiscrimination policy with the Washington State DOT, and provided pro se assistance on behalf of Northwest Immigrant Rights Project to detainees at the Northwest Detention Center.

E-MAIL:  adrian@mejiabeverlinlaw.com
PHONE:  425.761.7232

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Value Based Pricing

There may be an unbundled option

We will attempt to break down a matter into smaller components, and cap costs per phase.

Do Not Let Cost Stand in the Way 

We can work on a contingency basis

Some cases require no up front payment. You could have a case in which we get paid only if you win.



1. What are your rates?

Our rates are competitive . Your research will likely  show that attorneys near one another  price services for similar problems at a similar rate. You are best served picking the attorney you are most comfortable working with, who will achieve the results you want, in the way you want to reach them.

2. I am not sure if you handle my specific kind of case. Do you do this?

The best way for you to know whether we can help you with your matter is for you to contact us. We handle the matters listed above, and are open to hearing about other challenges you are facing.

3. I don't know if I need a lawyer. Will you let me know about my options?

We will tell you what we see as risks and consequences, the time it will take to resolve a matter, and the options you have at hand. In certain situations you can save money by hiring an attorney to draft documents or advise you on out of court solutions.

4. Do you have payment plans available?

Yes. We are flexible, and are committed to providing high quality representation on terms that make sense to you. Additionally, we accept credit card payment and can  use a sliding income based fee scale if you lack resources.

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